Monday, August 27, 2007's

Just got back from a exertion in the wild tropical jungles of Oregon! (Aug.20-24th)
Me and my cavewife camped, made fire, and cooked wild meat (hotdogs)

In our "one" day hike(12 miles+ was NOT the plan) this is what we discovered.........and Columbus thought he discovered America- please! he never checking with me.

Here are some pic's to prove it:
Ponytrail....something Falls
(YES! you can walk behind the waterfall)

Horse Trail Falls
Multnomah Falls (4th Highest in Nation at 620ft)

AM I sure

Well, here I go joining the masses around the world who think they are special and start a blog.

I often am slow to change, you know changing my cloths, socks, shoes, under..... and the list goes on. But I'll give this "modern technology" thing a try and see if it really toots my whistle and causes me to do back flips.

or if I just become a slave to the keyboard......... we'll see.