Friday, April 25, 2008

RIDe Hard, RiDe Lot(s) Days

Nothing crazy exiting at the moment, just the continuing of my ambition to BIKE.
(RIGHT side) bike log updated......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Victory is mine!

NO pic's , just leg pumping victory for this post, I am celebrating biking to work for 33 consecutive days (note new bike log on the upper right). Might not seem like much to anyone but myself, but considering the weather in these parts the past months it is a victory, and I am glad to say I have not gave way to the peer-pressure of my owe human reasoning. To ride the green machine (pic on blog) in snow, sleet, rain, dark, cold, repeat!- on one single gear to put me through such a test, I will claim victory.......the endurance to continue, smell nature, and prove to all the SUV-carbon monoxide clogging,cellphone talking whiners that say "IT can't be done!" , well hop on board! because it CAN and is easier than you think....yes you will have to leave the radio and heated seats behind,but the pay-off will reward you! and soon you will have the luxury of the Gas bill I have....can't argue with the results and $$ in pocket.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Batterrrrrrrrrr UP!!

How I REALLY spent my first day of Spring Break......Monday was considered the first day, according to the "real working world"/school.....

The great opportunity to fulfill a bit of a dream, to attend Opening Day at a Mariners game! this was the year, I came, I saw, and smelled the grass.............. er, witnessed the new pitcher (Bernard), shouted batting tips to Ichiro, and told Richie Sexton to pick up the pace this year!! and with a opening day win it was all worth it..............GO M's

Pic's to prove it all was not a dream...

How my SPRIng Break started........

There's day's I wish I was allergic to this stuff!!! that way I would have leave immediately, board a plane to a sunny destination, and "due to my medical condition" have to stay for an extended period of time. ( Any know a doctor that would write such a prescription???)

This is what I woke up to on my first day of spring break.............need I say more!