Monday, September 24, 2007

Have nothin' to say,BUT will say something anyways

Well for anyone that seems to read this Nobel prize of a writing has been a blur that past few weeks as the days get shorter so does my level of fun. It has been nothing but home projects.....mostly landscaping, since time is ticking till winter I am force to realize that it "all" must be done NOW! you know just the easy simple fall clean-up : install a few truck loads of dirt and sand, lay railroad ties(12 and counting) for boarders, road-a-till the whole backyard, rake all the junk out, level it out, level it again, install a paver sidewalk, and Oh! don't forget to sod the whole thing while I'm at it!! which I am doing tomorrow. So, just a little clean-up before the ol' snow flies.
That's called fun!! boys and girls, and the sooner you learn what real fun is the better off you will be

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Everyday should be a WEEKEND!

WHOA! tiger, still recovering from Labor Day weekend, or just getting around to writing about it.
Had a great time, started out with Spokane's finest--Pig Out In the Park.....the name says it all. But my main purpose of going was to see one of my favorite bands, The Clumsy Lovers--everyone should be mandated to attend such a show, you will not be dissapointed and the music keeps the toes tapping and body shakin'. Best of all we were able to sit in the front row.....until everyone from the back thought standing in front of the stage was cool, can't blame them, I say these folk's put on a show. Checkout there music sometime it will make everyday a happy day!
Bad pic, but proof of the memory**

NEXT, up was Saturday, as another warm day in the 'hood what better way to celebrate then take the crew out and shoot some guns! (Megen, Kate, Derrick, and myself) and it was the first time for Megen......trying to get her to enjoy the finer things in life! The trouble was she like it, and started to become a sharp shooter. That's when it was time to stop! now I'm not the smartest, but I can attest to this: if a women learns to shoot better then you, then your in trouble... cause once back at the house, not sure a good ol' western shootout is the way to go out.

Megen at her finest! The form, hmmmm isn't that what those people in uniform do when you try and rob a bank or something?

Good weekend, good company, can't wait to do it agian, shooting that the bug now.