Friday, January 16, 2009


Yes.....the feat was completed, I survived, live to tell it and don't know if I can put into words such a personal accomplishment.

My Goal to Ride my bike straight through till winter break, with NO interruptions,NO excuses was recently conquered........along with some bizarre winter weather that brought all things to a halt. SNOW SNOW and more SNOW.

THE BREAK DOWN GOES like this: 73 days , 584 miles, NOT one Flat tire, or repair, dark days, bright days, cold days, icy days, SNOW days, earlier mornings, late nights, lots of layers of cloths days, and the days just go on.........MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, closed down 2days earilier then expected due to extreme snow that shut down the schools and basically the whole joke. BUT I rode the whole time till the world stood still.

I am a bit sad no one challenged me or wanted too, or the support was at a dull minimum, even some thought it was crazy or why? AH! that to was a lesson learned, I can't tell you all the lessons I learned as I barked upon such a journey but this I do know, I did it, can't take it away, and I believed in myself enough to understand I will look forward to new and fun challenges in the future and not care, trust or depend on others to make it happen.............thanks for the ride.

The start of day 1 of snow and that to come,yes I have spent quality time with a shovel!! just ask my back...

yes, that is our car SOMEwhere under there,24hrs....23inchs of snow,new city record!