Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This post is all about the wheels baby! two recent purchases(due to the charity fund known as my Birthday) have caused my legs to pump like no-other. I can't seemed to get away from style.... and function if it happens to get in the way.
SO give a look at the new upgrades, but don't salivate like a dog at the butcher shop.....JUst look!

The Easy Rider...
(1950's J.C Higgins)
YES! I'll still race you........single speed

**And the success continues in the "bike to work" project....day 12, the tribulation is getting less, the legs & lungs stronger, and I can almost see the road in the mornings....... au natural LIGHT!

Smooooooooooth Rollers...
a little camera effect in affect.......retro dude!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Create....then Immulate

MOnthsly has kicked in and I am on a roll......back-to-back week post!

New camera, so now I think I can be apart of the "cool" blog nation.
I like to mess around with photo-olgy, is that even a word? ahhhh, refer to prior post and it's legal.
This would be the same as taking a class,buying the book and feeling you have to read it...
So with the new camera I feel I must use it to exempt the passion that it was "all worth it"

The following pictures where self inflicted and composed all by myself! creativity was the key....along with a bit of "spring fever".

And yes the conquering IS happening.....riding my bike to work....7 days strong, amongst trail,tribulation, and "do I really have to get up earlier?"

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PeEk -A-BoO

I have coined the new phrase "MONTHSLY", that my friends is someone who gets around to updating his/her blog on a "whenever I get around to it" mode compared with a "I have to do it" mode, ahhhh the power of creating your own verbiage! the freedoms we have in America...

These past months have been a blankets of SNOW; a month ago my only form of exercise was shoveling snow on a daily bases, but today is different... I RIDE! many would know biking is one of my passions ( note the name of this blog site: bikespoke) and after a winter of lying in the fetal position for days on end I have had enough! March 1st the declaration was made to get back on the bike and ride to work, the goal has been successful and I have accoplished such a feet for 2days now---there's no stopping now!! even through sleet and rain (yesterday) I will conquer!

So, stay tuned to MONTHSLY updates as I regain passion to keep this thing going, biking can do wonders for the mind, body & blogging.......YOU too should try it.

PICs of still life in Spocompton: