Monday, October 15, 2007

Work it!!

Situations control life, life controls situations.....what can I say.
A lot has seemed to change the last few weeks and just trying to adjust.
new job (check)
sold my car (check)
and ride a bike to work (check)
all have had an impact on me, but I kind of like it and find that my love of biking is rekindled, I have never used it as my main transportation--I find I have discover new things in my hood and more relaxed as I cruise in the brisk morning dark and roll home in the light.
Went from driving a Five speed to cruisin' a single does that work? you do the math

Check out the new ride! single speed, old school, and imported from Portland, OR

(Wanna race!!)

NOTICE the Green grass.....that is from my "little" yard project that is finished.