Thursday, December 11, 2008


Major malfunction!!!!! I was off by ONE day in my blog report yesterday........might not seem like much, but when your trying to accomplish a goal like mine it DOES matter, if you don't believe me just ask Micheal Phelps if 1/10th of a sec matters in the Olympics.......uh huh.

SO it has been 68 days in a row and 552 miles!!!!!! believe me it does matter--every day, every mile. IT's kind of like losing a $100 bill, it matters and sucks!!!!!!!

later........I have riding to do!

*side note: weather warning in effect---Snow 6-12 inches possible on Fri, Sat, Sundays hight temp 9'. hmmmmmmm this next week could be a challenge in the bike department, but this is the last week...........will I make it???

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

STill AliVe!!!!!!!!

hi-de-ho! where did the month go! NOV. is gone, and oh! my did I forget to blog? will the blog police be on my door step any minute to fine ME!!?? well so be it, cause I am still alive and kicking it hard on the BIKE!!!!!!!!

Update: 67 days in a row!!! (544 miles) no stopping or excuse...... many times I have wanted to stop, the weather here has not been my friend, cold, wet, and cold, did I mention it is cold? especially when you leave in the dark (6 a.m) and return in the dark. But I was determined to beat my former record and could not give in since I was sooooooo close. NOW I have surpassed it, but still can't stop.......must beat it, shatter it, not let mother nature control me. BUT I won't lie, I can hardly wait till winter break,so I can have a bike break...........that will be the final tally of days, miles for 2008.. consecutive........stay tuned I will be ready for the "biking blog victory dance"

THen I must decide if it is worth continuing my sega and ride after the New Year for more consecutive days to work??......DO I play with fate and ride in the dead dark bowels of winter here in Eastern WA? or tip my hat, be satisfied with the personal record I accomplished, know victory as is............or wrestle with the competitive side of human nature and ride more days, try to make it to a 100 days.........what's good enough??

feedback anyone?? still waiting for a challenger? no takers, people think it's cool.......but aren't willing to try it, why? of course I get people that ask me that everyday -why? I am doing this and choose to ride a bike everyday, some days I can't seem to answer that question.........

BUT I WILL continue to RIDE,Freeze,pedal faster.....even if I am alone.......I will can't take away victory.