Thursday, December 11, 2008


Major malfunction!!!!! I was off by ONE day in my blog report yesterday........might not seem like much, but when your trying to accomplish a goal like mine it DOES matter, if you don't believe me just ask Micheal Phelps if 1/10th of a sec matters in the Olympics.......uh huh.

SO it has been 68 days in a row and 552 miles!!!!!! believe me it does matter--every day, every mile. IT's kind of like losing a $100 bill, it matters and sucks!!!!!!!

later........I have riding to do!

*side note: weather warning in effect---Snow 6-12 inches possible on Fri, Sat, Sundays hight temp 9'. hmmmmmmm this next week could be a challenge in the bike department, but this is the last week...........will I make it???


Justin said...

I don't see why you can't just power through 23inches of snow on that thing! Put some pink zip ties around those tires....and have at it! No joke, a bike messenger on friday made "chains" for his skinny slick road tires by strategically placing zip ties every few spokes. It appeared to be working then. I don't think it's still working.

Well congrats on your impressive run though. Makes me cold just thinking about it.

Brian Z said...

Christmas break is over, better dust that baby off.