Monday, September 22, 2008


OH ya that's me, I have officially turned to the darkside of biking.....the nerdy part. I have recently installed a computer on my commuter bike! yea, I use to ride with no cares and the wind blowing through my hair, but not anymore, I JUST have to know how far,how fast, and how long it takes me to ride everywhere. I don't know if I like it... it has seemed a bit restricting kind of like a cell phone while your driving. I find I pay more attention to the bike computer then the road, I am always looking down, sometimes forget to look up. I don't believe there is way to get a ticket for watching your bike computer while riding, but I sure some goverment freak is thinking about it now. Oh, well I keep pedaling and spinning the legs on the ol' single speed and hope they don't invent a heated seat for the bike OR that would be NERDY!!!!!!!!!!


James said...

Great to link up to your blog Chad. Love having "nerdy bike to work" friends. Your green bike is SWEET! I may be staying in touch for moral support as the rain and dark descend!


brian z said...

by hair you mean???