Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DarK KnigHT

YEppers! the pedals keep turning and the days keep rotating........31 days, 248++ miles commuting, running the streets and enjoying the whole aspect of biking.

The mornings are not my favorite anymore...Dark! I now have to fit into another crazy safety feature and bike technology.....LIGHTS, oh I wanted to keep things simple.....but thanks to mother nature and crazy, delirious, one-eye opened morning drivers I am force to conform.......I would have a pic for this post but it is better if you just take a minute to sit in your closet with the door closed, have a moment of silence for me and what do you see? ........THIS is how biking in the mornings are for me. OH! and maybe turn on your AC full blast at the same time your in the closet this is how the weather feels now that fall has kicked in.

But desire, cheap pedal gas, and NOT having to scrap my windows keeps me motivated to stay on the BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!


The Holmies said...

You go, Chad!! All of us cozy in our warm beds cheer you on.

Ruthie Z said...

Is this what I have to look forward to when I get my first teaching job??? You think Spokane has hills- you should see the hills here in Jefferson City, Missouri. Now if you can figure a way to drink a cup of hot coffee or cocoa when riding in the cold mornings you might be alright!!!